What Is Disclosure?

Disclosure (with a capital “D”), is the word used to describe the government’s act of revealing to the public, what it knows about Unidentified Flying Objects.

But, why wait for the government?

If each person talks and writes about their own sightings, research and experiences of the UFO phenomenon, then this information will get to the public faster and become more acceptable.  We don’t need the government to tell us that something is out there, we already know.  We just need to tell each other what we know.

This blog is part of my contribution to this process.  I encourage you to read the posts, view the evidence, ask questions and come to your own conclusions.  Then, most of all, discuss it with family, friends and even around the water cooler.  Remember, Disclosure begins at home.


2 thoughts on “What Is Disclosure?

  1. Fantastic! You’re an inspiration. I began investigating for Texas Mufon in April, and know few women who are involved in this endeavor. I am happy to have found your blog, and look forward to reading the next one. ~ Rebecca

  2. i thought we were the only ones to see it but after seeing this UFO report from Austrália
    yesterday i realised that more people had seen it too i was amazed by that, because the UFO report from
    Austrália dates back to 1994 it was the same year i saw it here in Brasil and the description that was given
    from people in Austrália matches the same thing i saw in 1994 here in Brasil, i can´t remember the month
    i saw it but the year was 1994, i was 13 years old, me and some of my school friends were coming from school around 11:00 AM
    in a rural area, half way from home, from the top of a hill we looked and there it was, half a mile away floating on top of
    another hill this big metallic, ball shaped object we could not figure out what it was because we had never seen something
    like it before nor heard about it, now i know it was a space craft and people saw it too in Austrália.

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